Wednesday, January 25, 2012


bright light, down comes the streaming train,
some part, some remain,
and few lay numb, baffled in pain
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ये मौसम है

ये मौसम है नर्म रज़ाई में सिमटती करवटों का
चुपके से उस खुले कोने से सरकती शीत हवाओं का 
ये मौसम है सुबह माँ के हाथ से बनी गर्म चाय का 
और उस प्याली से हाथ सेंकती कपकपाती हथेलियों का
ये मौसम है ना नहाने के बहाने बनाने का
और कभी कभी झूठे ही बस पानी फैला आने का
ये मौसम है छत पे गुनगुनी धुप सेंकने का
और आलस में ज़रूरी काम भूल जाने का
ये मौसम है घूमने के खयाली पुलाव बनाने का
और ढलती शाम से घर में दुबक जाने का
ये मौसम है कोहरे की चादर ओढ़े धीमी रफ़्तार ज़िन्दगी का
और युहीं कभी अकेले में मुह से धुंआ निकाल मुस्कुराने का
ये मौसम है अंगीठी में जलते सुर्ख लाल कोयले की तपिश का
और बेसुरी आवाज़ में एक साथ गीत गुनगुनाने का 
यह मौसम है उस भीड़ के तले एक तन्हाई का
और किसी की कमी महसूस करते एक आगोश का
ये मौसम है कुछ भूली बिसरी यादों के रास्ते निकल जाने का
और ठिठुरती रात में कमज़ोर आहें लेने का
ये मौसम है दर्द छिपाने का, मुस्कुराने का
और ये मौसम है एक नयी शुरुआत के नज़दीक आने का
कुछ तो है इस मौसम में 
हर किसी के लिए, जैसे एक अनजान ग़ज़ल 
जो सुनो तोह खुद को उस में ढूंढ लो 
और बस, समेटे खुद को, बिता दो वोह चार पल 

My first attempt at Hindi poetry. How are you all doing this winter? :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hanging by the moment

"I, that spans across the lands,
blessed with hopes and dreams boundless,
am just a moment,
caught in time"

The last eve of the year, flooding with forwarded messages of luck and happiness, spurting with a twitchy excitement of the surprises to come in the coming year and weighing with the nostalgia of all that's left behind, is special in its own way. If you see at it, there is nothing unique about the day, but the mix of emotions that it evokes in us. 

So here I am, as lost as I always have been. Long time, been away from blogger, facebook, and thus about 90 % of my friends. Did the oblivion yield? I am not sure if I have a straight answer to that. But, yes I have been having a lot of conversations with myself lately and I feel better. 1st time in my life, I am taking new year resolutions, a lot of them and I have a gut feeling, it's all going to work. I feel good about this moment, and about what's to follow. 

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"I fear none, not the struggle,
nor the failure,
the desires, and the thirst,
the numbness of satisfaction,
the null order,
like settled dust."

You ask for a sign from him, looking at the sky and it rains. Just enough, to let you embrace the cold drops, diffusing a sensation every time, and you live a thousand lives. That's how this year began for me, why shouldn't I believe it's special. Soar throat and a sprained ankle, amalgamate within the pleasure of singing aloud and dancing, a state of trance, freedom. 

Happy new year. A toast to a beginning, a restart. Cheers.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

apocalyptic brain fuck error

Oh my God..
Run for life, minions. This is some crazy extra-terrestrial shit. -->

Seriously? Rebecca Black and Justin Beiber look alike, together? Person of interest? 
It's like watching vegetarian porn, two trees having sex. :| 
Okay, I had to vomit this, so avoid.

P.S.: I am out of town for a week and away from blog now. Full length documentary film and I'll be travelling every day to different places, to shoot. Sounds fun. :D
P.P.S.: I know how much you all love short posts. 


Friday, November 18, 2011

I, guilty

Blue mist wets the road.
Traffic, and city lights,
staring through me.
Unnoticed, oblivious eyes,
search for the reason,
voids beneath.

Dressed in that black sweater,
the one you liked me in,
I too liked it,
with your smell, fuzzy.
Curling up my arms,
no more it helps,
the cold numb skin, repels,
escapes my grip.
Cry boys don't,
they just sulk, within,
not always,

Not vulnerable, enough,
won't lit up the cigerrate,
I promised, sweetie.
That gush of winter breeze,
didn't it touch you too?
We still connect, silly!

And here I stand, 
at the end,
of the road we walked,
dodged eternity.
Sometimes, I feel,
a goodbye could have been,
a help, I, guilty.

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Being me,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

there, not exactly..

I'll take a little time,
and I hope,
life will find me.
I won't read between the lines,
but I wish,
there's a story..
Of friendship,
of faith,
a hushed understanding, 
and a happy ending.
I'll walk a couple blocks,
wear music,
and I'll pass a smile,
just in case,
I catch your gaze.
But I'll be around,
to see,
you get better,
whatever be.
I am not the hero,
I don't belong,
I am just a phrase
of an unsung song,
but one,
there shall be.

And me?
I'll take a little time,
and I hope, 
life will find me.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

the return of the return post

I know it is unethical to boast about your return in two consecutive posts without actually returning. I have to do this crime though because I have this strange gut feeling that I am slowly drifting away from blogosphere. It's not any stupid writer's block keeping me away,  I can never fall short of creativity, dude. But yes, I have been engaged lately in nothingness. It's addictive and keeps you engaged for a lifetime. Take out the side effects of doping and keep the good part, that's what it feels like. Doing nothing. 

Life updates:
So, life has been quite eventful lately with stuff happening around. My elder brother got engaged and thus we've got a new member in family, my sweet and adorable sister-in-law. I plan to do a devoted post about her sometime but wanted to share the news for the time being. I love the new positive energy that has come up along with her. :) So we have lot of new topics to discuss these days in family talks, and the excitement for brother's marriage building up. You know the kind of stuff that happens in movies like hum aapke hain kaun and hum saath saath hain. I just feel that we should have had a white Pomeranian dog running around in the house that would aid in match-making, helping the hero (undoubtedly me) express true love to the heroine (no i won't tell the name in public) while the side-hero (elder brother) performs all the stunts customs accepting his withdrawal from the awesome era of bachelorhood. 

Apart from the family affair, I also happen to have gleefully enjoyed the cultural festival of my college past month. It supposedly is among the biggest college festivals in North India. We got 4 international rock bands and a lot of celebrities around this time. As usual, these are the only time of the year, I feel myself to be active and over my lazy-ass attitude. So I made a lot of interesting and fundoo friends from across the country. I'll post some clicks of mine in forthcoming posts.

And then there was diwali. Happy belated diwali doston. Less pollution and more smiles, it worked fine this year. I seem to be growing up after all. :)

LAstly, I bought a new hat. My first hat, infact. And it seems to suit me. So, I thought I'll finally post my own pic in a post (as if you haven't noticed it in my blogger DP and FB badge). Presenting in The girl at first avenue style, :D


Enough of updates. So I am confused actually and need to know this from fellow bloggers. I have been seeing this strange pattern in my blog. Most of the visits I get as shown in feedjit are from places that sound like vlogbloytredimgrnd or Al marhaba ul mustafa and I have absolutely no clue if they are from planet Earth. These people don't comment, nor subscribe (sob sob). Is this normal? Also, I dont understand what some of visitors write in my shout box. Where are my old buddies? Is it that I have missed some link on blogger and left behind you all. I am feeling insecure. Make me feel home. This means write good things about me in comment. Oh by the way, since most of you guys read only the first and last line of a blogpost, I thought these keywords might help in commenting : self-picture, new member in family, cultural festival, diwali, random crap. A warm welcome to all the new subscribers. All = 2. Hope you stick around like other fellas and make me feel awesome.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

the return

Right! ;)

I hope you haven't forgotten my name. By the way, that reminds me who can forget this guy's name ->

I mean come on, x_x 
Anyways, where were we? So it's been a long, long time and I don't know what I have been doing this while, I mean honestly I haven't been busy like you guys. I never am. I infact spend my days sitting on 'the seat' contemplating philosophies of life.

And I have these DejaVus everytime, like I have been here before. The same sound of my poop spilling droplets of water on my apples. Eww. -_-

You know what I am getting a new guitar, a much awaited Hofner. Yes, fellas soon I'll be spilling my fawesome guitar tutorials on U-tube and hitting the refresh button 1 million times to make it popularly viewed. But before I do that, I have something very important that I want every one to read. I know you will understand the importance of this.

You see, there is a malnourished little boy who belongs to a deprived village of Mofoland. He doesn't have arms, legs, kidneys, livers, no girlfriend, nor lizards. This little boy's life can be changed. Everytime you add 10 subscribers to my blog, 1 dollar will be donated to him.  And with these dollars, he would be able to get new arms, legs, kidneys, livers, no girlfriend but lots of lizards. Furthermore, if you share the blog address on your facebook wall, your small time and effort will make him into Chuck Norris. 
If you do not add 10 people in next 117 seconds, you will never have sex again in your life. 

I knew I would do this someday on my blog. Feeling lighter now. Let's talk about something lamer now. Facebook. I know you don't like the new facebook. Well, that is exactly the intention. To make you realize that it doesn't matter what you like. Speaking of 'like', this new option of subscriptions,it has given this novel, marvelous medium of connection between perverts-who-fake-as-big-boob-hotties and perverts-who-fall-in-love-with-anything-remotely-feminine. Check this out ->

Epic mass fail. Check the number of subscribers.
Coming back to subscribers, two of you who left my blog in my absence, I feel sorry for what you'll miss in your remaining life. :P

Ok dudes, and ladies, Hope to hear from me more often. Last words, RIP Steve Jobs, respect.


Friday, September 16, 2011

that winter night

image courtesy: google images

The fire, 
wrapped up itself,
holding on a winter night,
perplexed, gazed
into those enigmatic eyes,
warmth permeating,
from the heap,
two souls fused,
lingering pleasure,
breath of life, diffused.
Distant bells rang,
the sacrifice glorified,
a drop of tear,
playful, rebel,
sneaked in
the salted kiss, time flied.